Back It Up!

We recently had World Backup Day on March 31. Hmmm…do we really need another holiday?  It is not actually recognized as a holiday but rather it is intended to remind us to backup our important data – Yay!  But seriously, although I appreciate the awareness this movement is generating, data backup needs to be at the forefront of every computer user’s mind all year long.

A recent Harris Interactive online survey found that only 7 percent of respondents backed up their data on a daily basis, while 23 percent said they performed backups every month – those are scary statistics! For some technology users, such as those who only use their devices to checkout Facebook or surf the internet, consistent data backups may not be a big deal. But for those of us who rely on our technology for work, school, finance, pictures, etc., data loss would be a major upset in our lives. Depending on where you fall in the spectrum determines what type of data backup is right for you. Finding the right data backup solution is where things get tricky because there are a lot of options available.

There are so many ways to backup data. There is the fairly easy way which includes backing up data to an external hard drive, thumb drive, or CD (do people still backup to CDs?). The downfall to this method is that all hard drives, thumb drives and CDs will fail – it is not a matter of if they will fail but rather when they will fail. One way to counter this problem is to make multiple copies and store them in different locations in the hope that if one fails, the others will still be okay. This process can become cumbersome if it is not automated. Luckily, a good technology company will have the capacity to automatically backup your data every day and store it in multiple locations – yes, this is of course a shout-out to CODE29 who can provide this service.

Another way to backup data is to use the ‘cloud’. What is the ‘cloud’?  That is a question that would take many blogs to cover. But for now, the cloud is basically having your data stored on someone else’s server so you don’t have to concern yourself with the hardware aspects of storing data. The nice thing about the cloud is that you can access your data from any computer device, including your mobile phone or tablet computer. For non-business related stuff, this may be a great backup data option for you. The cloud provider options seem endless, but luckily, CODE29 can help you through the cloud provider maze since we are a partner with many, including but not limited to Mozy, iBackup, iDrive, Carbonite, SOS Online, etc.

A special note for businesses – There are numerous statistics around the idea that businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within 1-2 years. I was able to find some reputable supporting statistics and a lot more scare tactic statistics on this topic but the general message is valid. Backup data storage and recovery are critical for businesses so it is important to consult with a trained professional to ensure your business has the appropriate backup disaster and recovery plan in place to ensure business continuity – and yes, that was another shout-out for CODE29 who loves consulting on this fun stuff!  We swing through the backup data jungle every day and we know the ropes (or vines if you will). I am inspired to type in the Tarzan call but I cannot figure out how to spell it!

If you are interested in learning more about the right data back solution for you or your business, please contact CODE29 Technology Repair for our upcoming FREE Back It Up WorkshopAs a result of attending this workshop, you will be equipped with the right information to ensure you do not suffer from data loss.

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