Computer Repair or Buy a New Computer

If you are debating on whether to fix your current computer or buy a new one there are a few things to think about.

What will it cost to fix?

At the cost of today’s computers, if your needs are basic, many times it is cheaper to buy a new computer rather than fix the old one.  At CODE29 we offer free diagnostics and we will tell you if it’s worth fixing or not.

What will it cost to replace?

If your needs are fairly basic, hit up Costco or BestBuy and pickup a cheap HP.  They are a lot of bang for the buck.  If you have higher needs CODE29 can build you a custom PC that is faster than all your friends for about 1/2 the price.

New Stuff Coming:

Intel Ivy Bridge:  If you have some time, the  Ivy Bridge processors are coming out this summer which means the Sandy Bridge processors are going to drop in price.

Microsoft Windows 8: Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8.  The release date has yet to be confirmed but many believe it will be available in the Fall of 2012.   While the emphasis of the release is on tablet computers, there will be other benefits, including enhanced security and better remote access.  Consider that many new laptops and desktop computers purchased today may be upgradable to Microsoft Windows 8, they may not take full advantage of some of the new features of the new O/S.  Unless you are looking for a lot of frustration and headaches, please don’t do this.

Mountain Lion: Apple is expected to release a new operating system called Mountain Lion O/S later this Summer.  Also expect a new lineup of the Macbook Pro and possible upgrades to the  Mac Air.  Insiders suggest the new lineup of laptops will be thinner, lighter and have longer battery life.  As with Windows 8, unless you are looking for a lot of frustration and headaches, please don’t do this.

CODE29 can help you navigate through all of this technology stuff.  Give us a call or stop by the office.




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