New Email Virus Scam

This morning, I almost did it.  I almost clicked on a link in an email.  I actually had my finger on the button and then I heard myself screaming at me “DON’T CLICK THAT!”.  Sure enough, it was another fake email with a virus.  Below is the content of the email.  If you see this, PLEASE, don’t click on it.

SUBJECT: Scan from a HP ScanJet  #99384
A document was scanned and sent to you using a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet OFC993-2P

Sent to you by: A.L.
Pages : 6
Filetype(s): Images (.jpeg) View

Location: LK.5FL.


The interesting thing is that there was only one name in the subject line, mine.  This is fairly unique to these types of emails so be careful.  As always, don’t click on a link in an email unless you want to bring your computer to us to fix.

We’d love to fix it, but we’d rather not.  :)

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