- Dr. Tim W

The work was completed and I am a very happy camper.

Brandon and Matthew are both impressive young men. Your business will boom big in North County.

I am telling everyone I know about you guys. Be prepared, their are a lot of technically challenged folks like me in the area who need your kind of services.

- Al K
Personal Facebook

Matt from Code29 fixed my computer/software problems. Glad I didn't keep trying things with no success -- and, called Code29. Matt is always pleasant, professional and easy to have in your home.

- Susan F
The Copy Works

Code29 came through once again. Needed a complex install done. Because of their experience, I avoided installing a version that would have caused problems on my computer. I made one phone call and the entire process was done in minutes. They were able to save my data so that the conversion to the new version was seamless for me. These guys are the best.

- Joe R
Personal Yelp Review

Code29 and the guys running the show are not only friendly, they know their stuff and deliver quickly. I came in with a fried motherboard that needed to be repaired/replaced yesterday...they squeezed me in, customized and updated the new machine, working a minor miracle along the way. Price is fair and service delivered with a smile! I highly recommend them as your first choice. Thanks Scott, Brandon and Matt!

- Eric K
Personal Yelp Review

These guys are the greatest! Anytime I have computer problems I bring my computer in and they take care of the problem. Today I brought in my 6 year old Lenovo that likely needs to finally be replaced. The gentleman behind the counter not only fixed my current dinosaur of a laptop for free, but recommended a replacement laptop for me to purchase. He helped me free of charge, simply wanted me to get the most out of my current computer and get a good deal on my next one. Thanks Code29, anytime I need a computer fixed, you will be my first call.

- Rick K

Code29 was recommended to me by a good friend/business associate. The technicians were very helpful, courteous, and efficient. I will definitely use Code29 for all my computer needs and recommend Code29 to all my Friends and Family.

- David D

I would like to commend Matthew for his perseverance and patience to resolve the laptop issue we had with Toshiba. If I have any other computer repairs, or know of others with repair needs, I will be very comfortable to recommend CODE29 for its professional service.

Thank You!

- Hannah K
Fairbanks Ranch Association

You guys did a FANTASTIC job! We will be keeping your contact info on file for sure. We appreciate all the help and LOVE the ticket system that gave me daily updates as to the status of my repair.

Thank you so much,

- Brandon C.

I don't even know where to begin. 5 star customer service all around. Scott and his team helped me fix a what may seem like a minor issue to most but to me is the main communication between our San Diego office and 400 employees in Celaya, Mexico (yahoo messenger). I could not view any text in my messenger window after hitting enter! Scott and his team helped me fix this problem over two days and never once did he mention a price to me or overwhelm me with concerns of receiving payment. Code29 can be rest assured that ANYTIME an IT issue comes up within our company both in the US or Mexico, they are the first company we will call since our IT guy is always in tuned with larger issues! When you look up "customer service" in the dictionary you will find Code29!! Thanks again!!!

- Pat C.
Conners And Associates

Matthew did a great job. I am not very knowledgeable about computers or computer programs and he was very helpful in answering all of my questions. Thanks again for the great service.

- Susan F.
The Copy Works

Code29 is like having my own IT department. Everyone there is very savvy, very friendly and the work they've done for me is flawless. They've helped me choose the right computer, configured it for me, added excellent security software and they've saved my bacon more than once. They're the best and I recommend them with complete confidence.

- Paul G.
Facebook Review

Awesome service! Nothing better than Code 29

- Joy M

I have worked with both Matthew and Brandon. Both are knowledgeable, personable and courteous. They were patient with a “mature” client who is self-taught on technology hardware and software. With each appointment, I have learned new technical aspects. I like the speed of your response to issues. Sometimes it is difficult for me to keep up with their expertise.

- Debbie H

I was devastated when I dropped by brand new iphone and cracked the screen. I called Code29 to see if it could be fixed and how much it would cost. They were so helpful and reassured me that my phone could be fixed. I took my phone in and had it back in an hour! It was easy :)

I was so happy with the service that I decided to let them have a look at my laptop which has been acting up for some time now. They determined that it had a virus and fixed it. Now, all my stuff works great! I would definitely recommend this company.

- Louise M.
Yelp Review

I have always had a lot of trouble with my computers and this was definitely the least painful process of fixing it. The guy who fixed my computer was very nice and answered all my questions, very professional. Most importantly though he did a good job, it as very slow and is now running like new again, but better yet for one of the best quotes I've gotten. A repeat if I have any more computer trouble.

- Chimena C.
Yelp Review

They are wonderful! If you have any type of computer issue or need advice this is the place to go!

- Janet S.
La Femme Chic

I met the folks from Code29 at a Solana Beach Chamber function and took their business card with me. Little did I know, 2 days later I'd need them to help me with a printer problem. When my printer wouldn't function I thought, "Who the heck am I going to call to fix this?" Can't run my business without a printer! Remembering that I had their card in my bag, I called them. Less than 30 minutes later someone from Code29 was in my store and they fixed that problem...and many others I had just ignored because I didn't have a tech person. Well now Code29 are my "tech people." Fast, friendly, knowledgable, reasonably priced, and sensitive to the needs of a small business. I recommend them highly.

- Katy R.
Yelp Review

I travel a lot for work and last week was in San Diego when I had some computer challenges that could not be fixed remotely. During my search to have a quick local fix, I came across ITz. I was so impressed with their quick response, ability to come out to my location, and quickly fix the problem. Everyone involved was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful.

- Leonardo N.

These guys are awesome! We thought we had lost all our data due to a problem in our notebook HD. They were the only ones who could really fix it. We tried Fry's and they wanted to charge us too much just for taking a look at the computer. So if you ever experience a problem, don't hesitate to contact Code29.

- Joyce M.

I am a customer of CODE 29 and have been as this business evolved from ITZ Fixed and ITZ Solved. The technicians are experts and customer friendly. They have supported me with hardware, software, tech purchases and on line phone solutions. I am fortunate to have CODE 29 for technology services and often recommend the service to others.

- Darlene R.
ThumbTack review

I took my laptop to Code29 for an assessment. In about 15 minutes, they determined it had a severe virus. I made the decision to buy a new one and they suggested vendors for me. I brought the new one back and they transferred all my files and set it up so that I essentially just plugged it in and got back to work. This was great as I had never set up a computer before.

Overall, a very pleasant experience with very knowledgeable staff.

- Scott S.

Great service. If you can break it, they can probably fix it.
Every time I need something fixed, i call them first.

- Ina M.
Yelp Review

Best Tech Service EVER!!! :-) I am so pleased with these guys. I was really desperate when I saw this shop by pure chance. The manufacturer tech service on the phone was no good as usual and I was ripping my hair out at this point.

These people at Code29 were super friendly and extra speedy. Within the day I was all set to go again and it didn't cost me a fortune. I was astounded by their reasonable pricing. 5 Stars!